Tallahassee's Yellow Dog Jazz Band is available on a limited basis to play for private parties and events, as well as for commercial and public events in the Tallahassee/North Florida area.

Room or Stage Requirements: The Yellow Dog Jazz Band normally consists of eight musicians five horn players and three rhythm players depending on the event and the availability of band personnel. The group requires approximately a 10 ft. x 16 ft. area. This area should be separate from any dance floor if dancing is anticipated.

Sound Reinforcement/Electrical Requirements: While the Yellow Dog Jazz Band is not an electronically amplified performing group, the band does use a Master of Ceremonies/Announcer during its performances and requires a sound reinforcement system with at least one microphone. If a suitable sound system is not available at your chosen venue, the group will supply one suitable for most locations at no additional cost. An electrical source (120v, 15-20 amp) is required for both indoor and outdoor events. If your event is large, covering a large area, a more substantial sound reinforcement system may be required.

Performance Cost and Set Requirements: Normal performance length is either two 45-minute sets separated by a 15 minute break or three 45-minute sets separated by 15 minute breaks, as you wish. Single-set engagements are not preferred because of the time required for travel, set-up and pack out, but special arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Set times may vary slightly from performance to performance depending on music selection. Forty-five minutes is required for both band setup and for pack out. Custom-length performances can be arranged.

For pricing and band availability or for any other questions you may have about booking the Yellow Dog Jazz Band, email: